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Eyebrows are the frame of the face and they express our personality.
Thanks to our eyebrows, our face becomes interesting and this is why beauty therapists must fully understand and interpret the needs of the client in order to enhance the clients’ eyebrow arch and face as much as possible.
The colour of the eyebrow should be as close as possible to that of one’s hair, in order to make the make-up look as natural as possible.
If you wish for a more marked effect, you can go a few shades darker.

Together with the client, we measure and study where the eyebrow starts and finishes and how high it is, both in front of the mirror and sideways. We pluck only the hairs that fall out of the new shape we have traced trying to keep as many hairs as possible because the more hairs there are, the more natural the final outcome will appear. We almost always find asymmetries which are more or less visible and which can be improved with the new eyebrow design. On rare occasions, there are very visible asymmetries, in which case we have to choose whether to improve the current eyebrow asymmetry and try to make it less visible or to wax one eyebrow completely to make it exactly the same as the other.
This will be decided according to the personal needs of the client.

Only when both the beautician and the client agree on the final look do we start the actual procedure.

For those who do not want to have to go to the trouble of having to pluck the hairs which grow out of the new eyebrow line, permanent waxing with an electro-coagulator or laser can be performed: this will allow for your eyebrows to be perfect at all times.


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